CSSL Finder change log

v. 0.9 alpha 14
* Added a browser that makes navigation through the different CSSL Finder windows in Excel 2007 easier
* Changed the names of the linkage groups in the example data file to numerical values (using non numerical values generates a bug in the Compute stats command)

v. 0.9 alpha 13
* Fixed an issue linked to a memory overflow in the "Format data" command (Excel 2007 only)
* Fixed a bug in the "Import data" command. An error was generated when trying to import a data file with no trait values
* The "Format data" command now checks for marker positions. It verifies that the markers are ordered on the linkage groups according to ascending position values

v. 0.9 alpha 12
* In the "Sorting Lines" window, it is now possible to sort the lines according to a list of lines (useful if you have a sublist of lines already but you don't remember how you got to this list).
* Fixed a bug in the example data format.

v. 0.9 alpha 11
* Better estimation of donor, recurrent and heterozygote genome contributions when the "Calculate true segment sizes" option is checked
* "Compute markers stats" is now based on the Formatted data, not the Raw data
* “Search NILs” is now functional
* A few interface improvements
* Several bug fixes

v. 0.9 alpha 8
* Introduced several new features and improvements:
- Improvement of the "Complete data" command, which now takes into account the marker positions. The threshold for double recombinant probability can be set in tthe 'Options' window. Two mapping functions, Haldane or Kosambi, can be used for estimating the recombination frequencies from the map distances
- Better management of graphics when marker positions are expressed as physical map distances
- Option to estimate "true" segment sizes that calculates segment sizes in estimating recombination breakpoint locations
- Option to omit missing data singletons in the CSSL search

* Corrected a bug introduced in v. 0.9a7 that caused a loss of the first two rows of trait data
* A few other minor bugs fixes
* Some interface improvements

v. 0.9 alpha 7
* The “Import data” command now includes a file localizer

v. 0.9 alpha 6
* Better behavior of the “Import data” command
* Improvements in the example data sheet

v. 0.9 alpha 5
* Fixed a compilation error that was occurring in the Excel 2004 (Mac OS X) version

* A couple of interface fixes

v. 0.9 alpha 4
* Fixed more issues in version for Excel 2007

* Added error messages when trying to run commands when no data file has been imported

v. 0.9 alpha 3
* Fixed a series of issues in version for Excel 2007.

v. 0.9 alpha 2
* A couple of small bugs fixed. No longer crashes Excel 2007 when exiting.

v. 0.9 alpha 1
* An Excel 2007-compatible version is now available for download, which allows managing datasets with large numbers of markers (16,000+). However, it runs significantly slower than within Excel 2003, for reasons that I can't help in understanding. Also, Excel 2007 crashes when exiting CSSL Finder on my machine, nothing serious as the data are saved before it crashes. But not very elegant...

* Feature: Command to reset CSSL Finder

* Interface: An icon (the small beer glass) will take you to the main menu from any window

* A couple of small bugs fixed

v. 0.8 beta 4

* Bug fix: overflow in Compute statistics command when N = 0

v. 0.8 beta 3
* Improvement : "Complete missing data" improved

v. 0.8 beta 2

* Feature:
new feature called "Complete missing data" in the "Marker data (formatted)" window

This function implements a very simple algorithm that infers missing data from the flanking markers. It may be useful to use it before running the "Search CSSLs" command in order to optimize the search for the best chromosomal segments according to the option chosen

* Improvement: "Import data" no longer modifies cell formatting in the Marker data and Trait data windows

* A couple of bug fixes

v. 0.8 alpha 12

* Improvement: more detailed Help

v. 0.8 alpha 11
* Many bug fixes, new functions and interface improvements