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You'll find on this web site several computer programs, databases or tools for different types of genetic analyses.

NEW: NOISYmputer, a program for imputation of low-coverage NGS data in bi-parental populations. Check our Download page.

NEW: MapDisto 2.1 is now available for the Windows and macOS systems. Check our Download page.

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  • MapDisto is a program for mapping genetic markers in experimental segregating populations like backcross, F2, doubled haploids, single-seed descent, highly recombinant lines.
  • CSSL Finder is a program for managing introgression lines, and particularly useful to develop Chromosome Segment Substitution Lines (CSSLs).
  • Paddy Map is a database for easily generating sets of polymorphic SSR markers in inters-pecific and intra-specific crosses of rice.
  • Paddy Genes Book is a database of phenotypes observed in a collection of T-DNA insertional rice mutants.
  • cM Converter is a program to convert in batch physical to genetical map positions of molecular markers of rice.

All the programs distributed here are freeware. Please read the
user license before using them.

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